Let those senior moments
be a distant memory

Did you know that 70% of the risk factors for dementia are preventable or treatable? 

Don’t lose hope! I empower mid-lifers (and beyond) to improve their memory and confidence through proven techniques and strategies. 

Getting older does
NOT = losing your memory!

An informative + empowering three-month membership program to help you take charge of your memory.

Who am I?

Rena Yudkowsky, MSW

Welcome. I’m Rena Yudkowsky, a professional memory coach and geriatric social worker with more than twenty years of experience. I teach memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. I have done extensive research and understand the effect of the aging process on the brain. Whether you are a mid-lifer with slight memory concerns, a caregiver with a real fear of getting dementia, or a senior with serious memory lapses, I can coach you through a memory enhancement program that will be effective, fun, and transformative. With my techniques and guidance, you will be empowered to use your memory properly.

"Rena has taught me for life and given me the confidence to believe in my memory and the fact that memory can be re-established!”
Michal Kalish



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groups for female spouse caregivers


“I’m eternally grateful to you and this course for helping me remember my husband’s cell number, which I have not been able to remember even after trying for a decade."
Sara E. Varnai


I started Memory Matters because I was fascinated by how memory works (or fails to work) based on my experience as the department head of an Alzheimer's unit in an upscale assisted living facility. Throughout two decades of working in varied settings for seniors, I have become passionate about helping improve their memory.

In my experience as a geriatric social worker, coach, and teacher, I’ve seen so many seniors suffering with memory concerns and caregivers who are terrified of getting dementia after seeing the decline in their loved ones. So I’m bringing my PROVEN course online to teach people the techniques they need to improve their memory, feel confident as they age, and exercise their brain properly. I believe that all seniors (who do not have a diagnosed brain disease) can improve their memory, thereby improving their quality of life.

" With the simple tip of breathing, I was able to remember the name of the neighbor, even before my 19 year old grandson!"

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1:1 memory assessment and brain exercises

Individual memory coaching tailored to your needs, personal assessment of memory and memory concerns

Live Memory Matters Course

One time live lectures or live six week Memory Matters course

Memory Matters Online Course

Online live memory course and community of people working together to improve their memory. 



You will learn easy techniques to improve focus and memory, understand why you forget, feel empowered to trust your memory, and be able to remember everything that is important to you. I’m here to help you every step of the way!

“I use your helpful tips every day. It really works! When I do the visual image technique, I remember what I need to every time!”
Chaya Fix

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