Let those senior moments be a distant memory

Don’t lose hope! I empower mid-lifers (and beyond) to improve their memory and confidence through proven techniques and strategies.
Did you know that 70% of the risk factors for dementia are preventable or treatable? 

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Hi, I’m Rena Yudkowsky. I am a:



for support
groups for female spouse caregivers

Brain Health Trainer
by Dr. Amen

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“I’m eternally grateful to you and this course for helping me remember my husband’s cell number, which I have not been able to remember even after trying for a decade."
Sara E. Varnai
Is my memory loss normal?
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"Is my memory loss normal?"
"Rena has taught me for life and given me the confidence to believe in my memory and the fact that memory can be re-established!”
Michal Kalish

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1:1 memory assessment and brain exercises

Individual memory coaching tailored to your needs, personal assessment of memory and memory concerns

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Interactive talks on memory and aging topics, see titles below

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MEMORY MATTERS Signature course online

Online live memory course with a community of people working together to improve their memory.

mom of memory


" With the simple tip of breathing, I was able to remember the name of the neighbor, even before my 19 year old grandson!"
“I use your helpful tips every day. It really works! When I do the visual image technique, I remember what I need to every time!”
Chaya Fix
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Rena.. You are a fabulous teacher. The press secretary for president Trump has a strange name.

I used one of you techniques to remember it. It worked and so far I didn’t forget it! 


This webinar on brain exercises was the best session from the whole lockdown


Professional and informative presentations that are interesting and practical with useful information to help navigate and improve the quality of your memory abilities and life! I Highly recommend to follow, learn and grow with Rena….