“I am so bad at names!”

You WILL NOT be saying this anymore.

Join me for a two-part masterclass that will help you remember names easily and with confidence.

Want to remember the name of the woman you met today?
Or the names of the people at the meeting, class, or lecture?
Or the names of your friend’s grandchildren?

Never feel embarrassed that you forgot someone’s name again after taking my new class.


Why is it so important to remember people’s names?

In this
you will
Join me to transform your relationships by being able to
remember people’s names easily!
WARNING: this is a super fun and interactive workshop

The techniques are applicable to all names and faces!!

Tuesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 4

10am EDT/ 5pm IDT

Each session is 1.5 hours 

Taking place on Zoom

Limited time offer
  • All participants will receive a digital workbook  to accompany the masterclass.
  • The masterclass is limited to 20 participants.
  • Replay will be available, but I HIGHLY recommend that you join this fun and interactive class LIVE in order to gain the real benefit.
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Client Love
"Such a great course! I was amazed at how we could remember so many names ! I was worried after the first class that I wasn’t capable of learning 12 names. In fact, at first it was overwhelming. But when you taught us several techniques, it went from being impossible to possible. What an empowering feeling. You are truly a dynamic teacher! "
- Rita
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Client Love
"Great news - not only have your techniques helped me with name recall; I am finding it easier to remember other details as well. I can now trust my mind to actually work for me. In the past, I wouldn’t have even tried. But, now I slow down, breathe, & look for clues to remember what I have momentarily forgotten & it usually works. Thank you for reversing my aging process!!! "
- Meira
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Client Love
"You are a fabulous teacher. The press secretary for president Trump has a strange name. I used one of you techniques to remember it. It worked and so far I didn't forget it! "
- Sandie

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Meet Rena Yudkowsky, MSW (your new memory coach 😃)

Rena Yudkowsky headshot

I’m a  professional memory coach and geriatric social worker with more than twenty years of experience. I teach memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. I have done extensive research and understand the effect of the aging process on the brain.

Whether you are a mid-lifer with slight memory concerns, a caregiver with a real fear of getting dementia, or a senior with serious memory lapses, I can coach you through a memory enhancement program that will be effective, fun, and transformative. With my techniques and guidance, you will be empowered to use your memory properly.

No more searching for that elusive name!