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Getting older
does NOT = losing
your memory!

An informative + empowering three-month membership program to help you take charge of your memory.

Oh no, not again!​

Where are my keys?
What did I come to the fridge for?
Did I take my meds today?
What did I just read?

You know “senior moments” are just — well, moments

So why do they keep getting to you?

Let’s be honest.

It goes a lot deeper than misplaced keys or missed meds. 

You may be...

...Scared You’re “Losing It”
Or Certain That “It’s Finally Starting”


...Anxious Because Dementia Or Alzheimer’s Run In Your Family​


...Horrified By Your Display Of Some All-Too-Familiar Symptoms​


What if you could move through life confident in your ability to remember the things that are important to you?

What if instead of...

You would...

Constantly worrying that
you’re getting dementia

Know how to calm yourself down, use positive affirmations, and recall better

Feeling frustrated by your forgetfulness or saying “it’s on the tip of my tongue”

Have an arsenal full of specific techniques to help you remember important information

Losing track of who owes you money, where you put your credit card, or when your next appointments are

Save time and money by being efficient, resourceful, and on the ball

Being “at the mercy”
of the aging process

Feel empowered, take charge of your mind, and stay sharp until 120!

Let’s get you back in the driver’s seat.

A three-month membership to help you take charge of your memory.

Remembership Program logo

What you’ll learn

Brain-stimulating exercises

Create new brain cells and

4 Focusing techniques

TEAS technique to help you get more done

3 Information
recall techniques

To help you properly encode memories

10 Brain-healthy foods

And lifestyle changes you can make to prevent dementia

The basics of how memory works

The 3 stages of memory and why we forget

Internal strategies

Like active observation, visualization, and focus techniques

External memory aids

External memory recall aids; written, auditory, and environmental cues

Normal vs. abnormal

How to distinguish between normal and abnormal memory loss

Don’t retire your brain, rewire it!

Improved daily functioning

Greater sense of confidence

Inner empowerment

What you’ll get

12 Training videos
(1 per week)

Watch these short actionable pre-recorded videos at your convenience (6-12 minutes).

Learn all about how memory works, how to improve focus, a variety of memory techniques, healthy brain foods, and more.

12 Brain exercises
(1 per week)

Challenge and stimulate your grey matter with printable exercises that are varied and fun!

Answers included.

3 Live group coaching calls
(1 per month)

Discuss, comment, and connect with other members who are working through the same things you are.

Get your questions answered in real time.

Exclusive WhatsApp group (ongoing)

Feel maximally supported in the day-to-day challenges of your journey towards better memory.

This group provides ongoing motivation, fun, and answers (from me) to any questions that come up during the week.

Lifetime access
(yes, for life)

Watch and re-watch the videos until you know them by heart!

More reasons to love

Remembership Program logo


No tricks. No complicated techniques. Just fun, easy, and doable.


Remember the things that matter — not the hundredth decimal of Pi.


Lessons are quick enough to implement right away and profound enough to serve you for life.

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Client Love
"The most important thing for me was how empowering it was. I realized I do have the power I don’t have to give it up. The techniques really helped me."

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Full 1
Client Love
"Every time I say where are the keys, now I know what to do to make sure that I can find them.
It has been very helpful.
I ask what would Rena do and I feel calm. "


Full 1
Full 1
Client Love
In general I feel like a calm is pervading
on the subject of awareness, focus, memory and tasks overall
and I thank you for this!!

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Full 1
Client Love

"Rena, just doing these classes have improved my memory!"


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Full 1
Client Love
"Rena Yudkowsky is awesome!
Professional and informative presentations that are interesting and practical with useful information to help navigate and improve the quality of your memory abilities and life!

I Highly recommend to follow, learn and grow with Rena."

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Full 1
Client Love
"I found ReMembership to be helpful, educational and fun."
- Barb

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Full 1
Client Love
"I liked the program very much and have implemented some of the tools. The presentations show that you are a seasoned professional as well as caring and engaging."

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Value stack

Here’s what you would be paying if you bought each component separately:

Total value =



a month!


Is ReMembership for me?


You want to feel more confident in your memory

You want to feel less frustrated when you can’t find things

You want real, practical tools and strategies you can count on

You want to be part of a supportive group working toward the same goal

You want a clear, ageless, memory that really works for you


You have been clinically diagnosed with dementia*

*Unfortunately, this program is not designed for people who are suffering from dementia. However, I do offer 1:1 coaching to help people with dementia stimulate their brains to slow the process of decline

Click here to book a call

Meet Rena Yudkowsky, MSW (your new memory coach 😃)

Rena Yudkowsky headshot

I’m a  professional memory coach and geriatric social worker with more than twenty years of experience. I teach memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. I have done extensive research and understand the effect of the aging process on the brain.

Whether you are a mid-lifer with slight memory concerns, a caregiver with a real fear of getting dementia, or a senior with serious memory lapses, I can coach you through a memory enhancement program that will be effective, fun, and transformative. With my techniques and guidance, you will be empowered to use your memory properly.


Whenever is convenient for you! I suggest setting aside some time to watch one training per week and keeping up with the weekly exercises, but they’re yours forever to watch and re-watch as you please.

We have an exclusive WhatsApp group where you can post your questions and I will answer them. We will also have live monthly coaching calls with all the (re-)members.

It is an excellent idea to do this program together with a spouse. I have taught several couples in my live classes and they work on their memory together. It has been so bonding and fun for them to support each other through it. However, if you both want to receive access to the program, you each need to register separately.

Due to the nature and format of the program, including all resources being downloadable, the membership fee is non-refundable.

I offer 1:1 memory assessment, 1:1 memory coaching, several masterclasses and my 12-week Memory Matters course.

“At 95, your brain should be just as sharp as at 24.” ​

— Dr. Pam Smith ​

Ready to see what memory work can do?