Seven Possible Causes of Memory Loss in Men

Men experience memory loss for a variety of reasons ranging from hormonal causes to other memory loss triggers. Determining exactly what is going on as fast as you can is going to help you to put together a plan of action to reverse the loss and even strengthen your brain and memory. It is also possible that more than one contributing factor is at work causing memory loss, so don’t overlook all of the different potential issues.

Memory Loss - Seven Possible Causes of Memory Loss in Men
Memory Loss – Seven Possible Causes of Memory Loss in Men


As testosterone levels drop, that can cause issues with loss of memory in men. This hormone does more than just contribute to sexual health. It is also a key contributor to helping neurotransmitters function properly and aiding with concentration. Significant drops can lead to brain fog and difficulty with memory.

Thyroid Issues

An underactive thyroid causes hypothyroidism and a drop in thyroid hormones. Much like drops in testosterone levels, this can mean that the brain is not getting what it needs in order to function properly. Testing for thyroid hormone levels and correcting that often reverses loss of memory.

Stress and Other Emotional Challenges Add to Memory Loss

Stress, depression, and anxiety all contribute to memory trouble as well. This happens because of increases in cortisol levels and decreases in other neurotransmitters that are essential to proper memory function. Addressing the underlying causes of these emotional issues can help to reduce the issues with memory as well.

Medication Side Effects

All medications have side effects and even if you have taken certain medications for a long time, those side effects are still occurring. Over time, you may be more susceptible to those side effects, including confusion, difficulty concentrating, or memory trouble. Work with your doctor to either adjust the dosage and timing or find another medication to address the health issues you are managing.

Vitamin Deficiency

When your body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs, lots of systems suffer, including memory and brain function. Vitamin B-12 in particular is important for a healthy circulatory system and healthy nerve cells. Even if your body has neurotransmitters, if the nerve cells are not operating properly they can’t use the neurotransmitters well. That can in turn lead to memory issues.

Brain Injury or Trauma

Any kind of illness or injury to the brain itself can cause memory trouble. After the injury heals, the loss may recover on its own. Depending on the severity of the illness or injury sustained by the brain, that might not be possible, however.

Sleep Issues

Untreated sleep issues or chronically allowing yourself to be sleep deprived can also cause big issues with memory. Getting a handle on what is causing you to have sleep problems can help you to reverse memory loss and recover. If you are having trouble doing this on your own, work with your doctor to determine what is causing the sleep issues.

When you notice that you are having issues with your memory, contact your doctor right away. Determining the cause of the loss quickly enables you to take action quickly. You want to act quickly so that you can potentially reverse what you are experiencing.

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